Speed Lidar (Laser)


ProLaser 4

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The ProLaser 4 is the latest generation of high performance lidar from Kustom Signals.  It is smaller, lighter and has a redesigned rugged, forward swept impact resistant handle.  User has a choice of powering the ProLaser 4 using AA batteries, USB to laptop connector or USB to cigarette lighter plug.  Each ProLaser 4 comes standard with 8AA batteries (4 spare), charger, USB to PC cable, 12 VDC adaptor, hard carrying case and a three year warranty.  





ProLite Plus


ProLIte Plus

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The ProLite Plus is small and compact yet delivers exceptional performance and target accuracy.  This unit is ideal for the Motor Officer who needs a unit that can be easily stored on a bike or carried around the Officer’s neck with the included lanyard.  Each ProLite Plus comes standard with a lanyard neck strap and soft padded case.